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Ghostwriter, book doula, and creative guide—ushering you over the threshold by way of the word.

When it’s time to give voice to what longs to be written—thought leadership, web copy, whitepapers, and more—I put words to your vision. I’m a literary and editoral ventriloquist, practiced in the art of delivering your best voice, wordsmithed.

I’ll meet you at the threshold with curiosity and piercing focus, and we’ll conjure language into the space between us and surface your voice into the world, from ether to form.

There's something magical that happens when you're with the right person...

Even as a writer, writing can feel daunting: forcing myself to sit down, waiting for the muse to come—all of the usual suspects are at hand. Collaborating with Lauren was a gift I didn’t know was possible. There’s something magical that happens when you’re with the right person who can drop with you into creative delight. With Lauren, I felt free of limiting thought loops and patterns about how hard writing is because we were in that liminal space, melting right into the creative process. Who knew writing brochure copy and an academic research paper could be pleasurable?!

-Dr. Maryanne Comaroto,

Founder, Queen of the Jungle

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Ready to bring your work into form?


I’ll support you from origin to delivery, concept to completion—or wherever you need to be met on your project journey.

Have an idea? I'm all ears.


This might be your first time undertaking a significant writing project, but I've been here before—
many times.

Every such project is a deep journey; and whom you choose to collaborate with will determine the experience you have, and what emerges from that “third space” between you. 

After 20 years of working as a writer and educator at the intersection of academia, technology, and contemplative practices, I bring a toolbox to the table that’s authentic, impeccable, meaningful, collaborative, and focused on mutual alignment. 


My most recent work includes leading the content team at a Series-C technology firm, where I was brought on early to grow the content strategy from the ground-up; partnering with a nonprofit group to write a qualitative research paper on authentic movement as a healing practice; ghostwriting books and articles for thought leaders in their respective industries; and collaborating with individuals—artists, coaches, technologists—to clarify their purpose, their message, and their web copy.

All of this comes on the heels of earning a PhD in early modern British literature, where I taught Shakespeare and creative writing courses for nearly a decade and wrote my dissertation on the intersection of poetry and religion. I bring that reverence into every writing project I undertake, whether it’s about contemplative inquiries or business best practices. I sit in honor of what arrives in that third space between us—getting myself out of the way such that your voice emerges in its purest form. 


I’ve been called a “literary doula” and a “creative usher.” And that dance of creativity—playing in the field with you—is my joy.

Every book has a backstory.

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