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Lauren Shufran is a writer, author, and contemplative practitioner living and working just north of the Golden Gate Bridge in California.

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Lauren’s first major publication was a book of poetry called ​Inter Arma​ (Fence Books, 2013), which won the Motherwell Prize. Their poetry has appeared in ​Best American Experimental Writing​ (Wesleyan University Press), as well as in ​Postmodern Culture​, ​The Los Angeles Review of Books​, ​Emerge: An Anthology of Writing by Lambda Fellows,​ and elsewhere. They’ve also had scholarly essays published in a handful of peer-reviewed journals. More writing on “the Dharma of Shakespeare” is forthcoming… drop your email below to dance together in those meditations. 

Published Works

Full-length poetry collections:

Inter Arma (Fence Books, 2013)


Poems in anthologies:

"I Sing the Body Electric," Best American Experimental Writing (Wesleyan UP, 2018)


"From 'Walt Whitman's Inscriptions,'" Postmodern Culture 26.3 (2016)


Judith Goldman, "Lauren Shufran's 'Walt Whitman's Inscriptions,'" Postmodern Culture 26.3 (2016)


Scholarly articles:

"At Wit's End: Philip Sidney, Akrasia, and the Postlapsarian Limits of Reason and Will." Studies in Philology 115.4 (Fall 2018).


"'Till I in hand her yet halfe trembling tooke': Doctrines of Justification in Edmund Spenser’s Amoretti." Renaissance and Reformation 41.1 (Jan. 2018).


"'From despaire to new election': Predestination and Astrological Determinism in Fulke Greville's Caelica."

Contact Me

Reflections, comments, observations, inquiries… whatever is stirring for you right now, I’d be delighted to be on the receiving end of it.

Send an email to me at

For press inquiries including podcasts, print, and other engagements, please contact Lauren here.

If you'd like to meet virtually to discuss a project, please book a time here.

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