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Queen of the Jungle


  • qualitative research paper

  • ​web copy

  • 3-panel brochure

  • marketing quiz

  • landing pages

Queen of the Jungle is a non-profit organization dedicated to the education and healing of centuries-old cultural trauma caused by patriarchy stress disorder, the mind-body split, and suppression of the Divine Feminine.


I worked with QOJ on a number of assets, the largest of which was co-authoring, with their founder, a qualitative research paper for publication in a peer-reviewed somatics journal. I also wrote brochure copy for their 6-week "Stay Awake" program, updated their web copy, and created an "archetype quiz" accompanied by landing pages for each archetype.


While publication of the research paper was meant to assist the organization in obtaining further funding for their research, the quiz and landing pages were part of QOJ's larger marketing effort to bring students/practitioners into the program.

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