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Cannabis Inc.

Full-length book ghostwritten for Danielle Davenport

Danielle is an industry leader who wanted to broaden her influence into thought leadership, so she reached out to me about ghostwriting a book for her. I worked with Danielle over the course of 8 months to produce a full-length resource on the cannabis industry.


Cannabis Inc. is a comprehensive primer on the plant—its long history, an examination of its medical value, its politicization, the grassroots activism that paved the way for its state-legal status, and best practices for navigating its billion-dollar industry.


Terry Sardinas, Co-Founder & CEO of Bird Valley Organics, writes: “I’ve been in the cannabis industry for 8 years and couldn’t put Cannabis Inc. down.” Linda Strause, Co-Founder and Vice President of Randy’s Club, writes: “Few people have the breadth of experience to create a comprehensive book that covers such a vast amount of information for an industry that I would call ‘disruptive’... Ms. Davenport has written a must-read book for anyone interested in the cannabis industry.”

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