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Have a project in mind?

Lauren's Published Works

Published works
by Lauren Shufran

Select publications & journals

Full-length books:

The Buddha and the Bard (Mandala Publishing, 2022)

Full-length poetry collections:

Inter Arma (Fence Books, 2013)


Poems in anthologies:

"I Sing the Body Electric," Best American Experimental Writing (Wesleyan UP, 2018)


"From 'Walt Whitman's Inscriptions,'" Postmodern Culture 26.3 (2016)

Scholarly articles:

"At Wit's End: Philip Sidney, Akrasia, and the Postlapsarian Limits of Reason and Will." Studies in Philology 115.4 (Fall 2018).


"'Till I in hand her yet halfe trembling tooke': Doctrines of Justification in Edmund Spenser’s Amoretti." Renaissance and Reformation 41.1 (Jan. 2018).


"'From despaire to new election': Predestination and Astrological Determinism in Fulke Greville's Caelica," Sidney Journal 35.1-2 (2017).


Unhae Park Langis, "The Buddha and the Bard: Widening the Horizons of Art, Ethics, and Ecumenism," Religion and the Arts 27.3 (June 2023).

Judith Goldman, "Lauren Shufran's 'Walt Whitman's Inscriptions,'" Postmodern Culture 26.3 (2016)

Looking to collaborate?
Let's do it.

Lauren will thoughtfully plumb the depths with you...

Lauren is a lovely collaborator. Through a process of delicate and joyful inquiry they balance my ideas, tone, and voice alongside their own magnificent and clarifying language. Lauren leads me through questions to better understand myself, my work, and the content I am hoping to express.


Lauren will thoughtfully plumb the depths with you, giving you more insight into your humanity, your purpose, and your intention for this life—and the language to say it in.

-Caroline Rockey,

Artist and Creative Coach

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