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For the past seven years, I've led content teams at tech companies. 

From blog posts to ebooks to infographics to social posts, the content strategy, customer journey, and resource archive have been in my hands. We’re talking foundational content that’s seen thousands of downloads—on topics ranging from CRM; to recruitment and HR; to diversity, equity, and inclusion; to hardware-as-a-service; to financial operations; and more. 


I’ve done it well. (And I can do it for you, too.)

Have a project in mind?

Lauren's been a great partner for our growing team...

As an early-stage founder, I don’t have bandwidth for all the writing we need. I reached out to Lauren about building marketing content from the ground up; I knew I needed someone who could roll up their sleeves, learn an industry, interview customers, and develop strong content. Lauren’s been a great partner for our growing team.

- Zachary Kimball, Co-founder and CEO, Hardfin (software for hardware financial operations)

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